Covering many industries detection field

Focus on niche business achievement drive value

  • Consumer Electronics

    In the mobile phone within the frame and back cover, period of poor appearance, size, width

    measurement of size, surface, glue thickness measurement, product LOGO detection, etc

  • New energy power battery

    Cell appearance inspection, positive and negative classification of cylindrical batteries,

    thickness and width inspection of dispensing on lithium batteries

    Inspection of the appearance of the winding process and the diaphragm,

    correction of the position of the winding machine and the diaphragm, etc.

  • Hardware

    Charging iron PIN, button, cato, camera decorative circle,

    Shield, rechargeable shell size, character, appearance defect inspection;

    The keyboard language recognition, etc

  • Semiconductor

    FPC increases and classification, characters, chip pins defect detection,

    mushroom head riveting defects, LED lamp bead test.

  • 5G Optical Communication

    Tube diameter measurement, bottle validity testing, read the code,

    liquid level position detection, capsule leakage fault detection.

  • FPC

    Battery appearance defects, characters,

    logo, QR code identification.







Master The Core Technology Control The Use Of Light

      Samsun technology is fully master the core technology of visual, laser and spectrum, realize the automatic measurement of high-tech company. Samsun is the national high and new industry, the double soft certification enterprises in GuangDong province and private technology enterprises in GuangDong province.

      Samsun since 2005, has a strong R&D team and service team, and has been committed to training of excellent technical and management talent, has formed a highly efficient cooperation of professional team now. We constantly improve our professional technology and fully implementing routing management, standardization and quantifiable pneumatic system based on the concept of Scientific and technological innovation, and create productivity. Company products and technology solution has been widely used in 3C, machinery, automobile, mould and other industry. Sincerity and innovation, act in concert, adhere to the customer as the center, for customers to solve the automation measurement issues of all products.

      Samsun has the strong R&D basis of Production Research Subject, has set up strategic cooperation of Production Research Subject with the national key university such as Xi 'an traffic university, HUST and National metrology institute.

      Master the core technology, control the use of light, By the struggle, the spirit of the duty and professional technology to become the automated measurement industry example. Adhere to the idea of professional to create value, efforts to provide a higher added value or tailored solution for customers based on our successful experience of many years engaged in test automation. Cooperate with the customers by the company's professionalism, create value together and achieve the win-win situation.